User Experience Management

User Experience in simpler terms, is what an average user experiences while testing or using a web tool, page or system. This can either be browsing through a website, filling in vital information in a system, or entering sensitive data in an e-commerce driven portal. The key is to ensure that the user feels comfortable and secure and the functioning and navigability needs to be seamless.

The User Experience Management practice by LSI spans across varied platforms and scales. These include internet/intranet/extranets, e-business services and solutions, usability and information architecture. The practice helps organizations increase embracing of online models, scale up their existing intranets to enhance employee output, and enhance teamwork through social networking.

Our goal behind partnering with clients and users to offer User Experience practice services is to enhance user experience and transform our clients´┐Ż offerings into prima donnas in the usability factor. We have a experienced team and are equipped with the skills to achieve the highest standards of User Experience Management (UXM). User Experience Solutions come easy to our team as we weigh a product from the technical, visual and user perspective and provide a solution that leads to better usability and product success.

With internet access lying within the realms of your pocket, and the 140 character length becoming the norm for updates, speed and seamless functioning becomes a defining factor.

To give our clients the very best in User Experience solutions, LSI has a team that keeps reinventing techniques, keeping abreast of trends and introspecting on how to better User Experience practices. We keep adding on various aspects and to our services for improved usability and performance.

Our User Experience Management practice offers the following services:


The LSI advantage

Having dealt with, interacted with, acted and though like and applied thought like average users, we are aware of what a user expects and what makes his experience good. The advantage you get when you choose LSI is all that knowledge and expertise in the field.