Usability, Accessibility & Analytics


The whole exercise that ensures your site is high on the usability factor has a single most important eventual - return on investment (ROI). When you invest and amount (irrespective of substantiality), in the betterment of your services, you are making it more usable and seamless. You are ensuring that your clients and customers are able to use your product or service with minimum problems. The complete exercise is meant to ensure that you beget success for what you have put in

  • Usability Audits
  • Usability Evaluation


When accessibility is an important aspect of Usability Management, it gives you the opportunity to identify aspects of your service and include accessibility within your overall approach toward Usability of your service. This provides you with actionable recommendations that improve the user's online experience.


Most companies are terrible with their analytics. Knowing what to do and more importantly, where to do takes more than just a basic know-how. What is worse is that most companies don't know what to do with the analytics data they get. This leads them to paying established companies thousands of dollars to research, study and tell them what to do. More often than not, this leads to complex scenarios often forcing companies to both abandon the process and live with half baked reports. The best way to deal with this is to hand it over to LSI a company that has hands on experience in the field. Our tools, processes and expertise make us an enviable numero uno in the playing field. We deal with the data, statistics, testing (in other words, the boring stuff!) and give you reports and results that you can understand and implement techniques and strategy to get the best out of your offering. We know exactly what metrics and benchmarks are to be observed to give you what you need.

Our process of providing you with analytics is simplified and described below:

  • Study and understand your service / system and what your goals are. Also, understand what is it that you would like to be measured
  • Analyzing the aspects of measurement will give us an idea on what changes, modifications and additions need to be made to make a proper, detailed analysis and understanding
  • Various factors such as usage statistics, feedback, live usage, data, surveys and more are taken into account during an analysis
  • Set a time for periodical reviews of the service and keep making recommendations and providing analytical data for the improvement of your system or service