User Interface Services

It is acknowledged and acclaimed that the User Interface (or UI) is an extremely important aspect of any product. The success and usage factor of a system depends on how an average user feels while using it. We ensure your system not only looks good, but also functions seamlessly across varied platforms and devices. Our experience and process of simulating live scenarios aids us at this.

During the process of the User Interface design, we factor in user mindset, behaviour and potential points of interactivity. Simulating the actions and thoughts of a user, we design and recommend design of a robust, classy User Interface.

User Interface Design

The design of any software is based on a number of aspects. It is meant to give the software a face and allocate the right amount of online real estate for all the modules of the system. It is important the system gets the right look and feel to ensure maximum user satisfaction. LSI can assist you in this as well. We can provide a set of recommendations that makes your design appealing, vibrant and we can iron out the creases when it comes to design issues impeding the functionality of software.

LSI team understands your business model, your software's objective, the requirements and mindset each user would have. Apart from our own experience, we apply these benchmarks to ensure the User Interface of your software is from the top-draw.

Our Team works on custom solutions to suit your software. There are various techniques and methodologies that are created keeping various scenarios and requirements in mind. The usability, functionality, timelines, end-user statistics are all kept in mind and we synergize with the client to come up with design concepts that consider the value and compulsions of software.

Four stages of our User Interface design:

  • Creative Design
  • Navigation Design
  • Task Analysis & Workflow Design
  • User Interface Specifications

User Interface Architecture

User Interface architecture is very important for any application - big or small. This works as a basis for further development and detailed functional understanding. What usually happens is that this very important requirement is handed over to the developers and programmers. A programmer would know what line of code to edit, but he may be found wanting when it comes to what would appeal to a user. After all, the one who develops a software knows how it functions in and out. The average user doesn't.

Hence, the right way of doing this is to allow an expert to consult you on this. An expert will always give an outsiders perspective, while understanding in-depth, the diverse aspects of your software.

  • Rich Internet Application Architecture
  • Portal Architecture

User Interface Development

The average user not just requests for, but demand a system that they deem friendly. This is described as something that is functionally as per the user's requirement, easy to handle and use, interactive (as it gives the user an impression that his feedback or input is valuable), visually appealing and meets the objective in terms of usability. While this appears to be a rather simple requirement when one reads. In fact, when the specifications for any software are drawn out, these are terms that are put across and agreed upon. However, getting resources that will meet all these expectations and maintain the highest levels of quality and productivity to deliver are indeed hard to find.

LSI takes these worries off your table and adopts them. We get into your shoes, assign a team to your product that looks at doing away with aspects that are off the mark from what a user may require, improve the overall User Interface and usability, provide guidelines to follow for constant User Interface improvement and keep in mind, your business and software.

Our User Interface development services include:

  • Rich User Interface Development
  • Portal User Interface Development
  • User Interface Integration
  • User Interface Testing