Infrastructure Services

Every global enterprise today, requires 24x7 IT infrastructure support on all layers of technology. Not only to manage their Infrastructure requirements but also to gain a competitive edge and to face challenges in scaling.

Keeping in mind these mission-critical issues, LSI Infrastructure Management Services (IMS), is just the right framework for enterprises. At LSI, we leverage our expertise in IT infrastructure management and methodologies in order to design solutions that are closely aligned to customer�s business strategy.

The LSI IMS focuses entirely on scalable infrastructure performance, increased productivity and considerable reduction in costs. The LSI IMS is broadly classified into:


  • Datacenter Services
  • Network Services
  • Remote Infrastructure management
  • Information Security and Compliance Services
  • Application-Support

  Consolidation and Virtualization

We guarantee optimum scalability, great reliability, round-the-clock availability and remote manageability.


Project Management

  • Scope Management
    • Generating Project Plans / Tracking schedule through Gantt chart
  • Human Resource Management
    • Tracking Leave and Attendance of team members/Handling appraisals.
    • Interviewing candidates. Building/Coaching Support Teams.
    • Generating Training Plan.
  • Time Management
    • Conducting Review Meetings.
    • Tracking the response time and resolution time for issues.
  • Quality Management
    • Developing six sigma methodologies to manage EDA software assets.
  • Cost Management
    • Cluster Management of servers through LSF: Developing Queues/ELIM scripts to manage project cost.
  • Risk Management
    • Implementation of Backup plan using autoloader.
    • System Management of Linux/Solaris servers /Consolidation of EDA Servers and Licenses.
  • Quality Management
    • Development of Six Sigma Projects.
    • Implementing ISO 9000 audits.
    • Configuration Management for hardware designers using clearcase/subversion/synchronicity.
  • Project Integration Management
    • Managing hardware/software assets of Offshore Development Center.
    • Monitoring WAN Link between Customer Offices and Client locations.
    • Handling teams of five to support a user base of 500 in VLSI domain across the globe.
    • Generation of invoices through Billing systems / Proposal Generation.
  • Procurement Management
    • EDA tool Vendor interaction for licensing and updates.
    • Hardware vendor interaction for procurement of linux and solaris servers and backup solutions from Sun/HP/Dell for getting quotes and maintenance / Interfacing with the IT/Networking operations team.
    • Purchase Department/Invoicing Department.
  • Knowledge Management
    • Contribution to Warrooms (KM portals) on SCM/HWCM/IT Infrastructure/ATPG.
    • Presentation in seminars/conferences.
    • Development and Maintenance of department website for EDA tools.
    • Development of Web based data collection mechanism.