Digital Asset Management

Consumers increasingly want to access content on more devices and from more channels. Delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time is the key growth challenge today�s media and entertainment companies are facing. Providing the system and process infrastructure to meet the challenges to broadly distributed content media requires both technical and business expertise. We understand the media and entertainment industry, and the most advanced Digital Asset Management (DAM), and rich content workflow solutions needed to provide strategic value while delivering quick results. LSI helps clients in media and entertainment tackle the most difficult challenges related to the production and distribution of rich content, including workflows for creative content, metadata classification, and seamless multi-channel delivery. Our management team brings in the expertise needed to help you meet the most demanding rich media publishing challenges. LSI can help your organization achieve better visibility and more control of your media assets, and the processes used to create and disseminate them.

Today digital photographs, images, graphics, animations, videos, and music that are enriched with metadata, lifecycle and access controls, become vital assets for media organizations and marketing departments.

To create, manage, and distribute these digital assets properly is imperative for companies who want to gain competitive advantage.

LSI helps enterprises to manage and re-purpose digital assets, improve project collaboration, manage the business context of technical work, and realize asset production efficiencies while seamlessly delivering the content to a variety of output channels.

Our experts help organizations to maximize their investment in the creation and management of their rich media content. We have experience, knowledge and partnerships across industries and technologies that will help you achieve your goals.


Our asset management services can support your Digital Asset Management solution in the following ways:


Create & Manage

  • Importing Media Assets
  • Configuring Content Model
  • Supportability for different media formats

Catalog & Index

  • Intellectual property assets
  • Rights Management

Process & Review

  • Access Control
  • Annotate image, picture etc
  • Navigation
  • Preview

Render & Deliver

  • Multiple Rendering
  • Easy export of media files

Search & Retrieve

  • Dynamic visual filters on Metadata
  • Categorizing filters for easy search
  • Incorporate smart search

IT Integration

  • Integrating across IT ecosystem
  • Compatibility with rich browser based user experience