Application Maintenance and Support

IT companies end up spending a lot for the maintenance of support of the application. Large enterprises allocate a huge chunk of their IT budget to this exercise and smaller companies, due to the expenditure involved, have to forego of this very important requisite of application development.

Apart from robust Application Development services, LSI delivers the highest level of management service to end users via the industry best practices. We provide proactive, day-to-day monitoring and operational management of the technical aspects of applications and databases, plus other services to cope with dynamic environments and business requirements. Our services include enhancements to functionality, new-release installations and regulatory support.

Of course, with global markets swinging between stable and unstable stages, cost efficacy is another key area we score in. Due to our Management�s extensive experience in Maintenance and support, we have been able to cultivate our high-quality engineering teams. They provide our clients with a wide range in types of maintenance activities, including:

  • Corrective - reactive modification to correct identified problems
  • Adaptive - modification to make it usable in a changed or changing environment
  • Perfective - improve maintainability & performance
  • Preventive - modification to detect and correct faults

Our competency

LSI has attained a high level of competency in providing maintenance and support for applications by an approach that in drawn up after thought and expertise put into action. This is explained in the points below:

  • Awareness of commercial trends and requirements
  • Awareness of technical trends and need-of-the-hour approach
  • Awareness that knowledge, when confined festers. An efficient knowledge transfer process ensures our resources are abreast with everything and there are no stages of panic due to unavailability of a resource
  • Understanding that cost effectiveness not only benefits the client, but also us in building a long-standing relationship
  • International standards in service

LSI provides a number of services under the umbrella of Application Maintenance and Support. These are:


  • Implementing new features
  • Error resolution
  • Software application optimization
  • Software application consolidation
  • Remote service monitoring
  • Version upgrading and improvements
  • All-around user support
  • Break-Fix Support
  • Database Administration and Support
  • Server Administration and Support
  • Desktop Support
  • 24/7 Application Support
  • Network Management and Support

Continued enhancements

We understand that being a preferred partner entails a huge amount of responsibility. We acknowledge your business as our own and think, strategize and plan for it accordingly. This also means continuous technical, strategic and commercial enhancements. LSI doesn�t stop at delivery. The relationship continues from there.

The LSI advantage

By implementing our tried and tested methodologies and strategy, our customers get nothing short of the very best. Apart from an extremely skilled and competent team, the wind beneath our wings � our management � ensures that no corners are cut when it comes to delivering for a client. With experience and knowledge to back the LSI team, our clients have managed to significantly reduce costs and attain more success within the respective markets they venture into. Our processes are backed by expertise and analysis and are thus aware of every nuance that is a part of application development, maintenance and support. When you are working with LSI, you are working with a responsible, reliable, cost effective partner.