Application Integration

Application Integration is the process of integrating an application into a design, module, platform or technology.

Problems companies face with Application Integrating

Often, we come across situations wherein companies develop applications and at the end realize that the application is incompatible with a host of external applications that it needs to operate with in cohesion. This results in loss of time and almost zero chances of getting any returns on the money you have invested.


LSI provides multi-level, robust and cost-effective application integration services and an entire application integration architecture to suit the needs of your business. LSI takes care of the challenges you face and gives you a solution that will enable your application to become flexible, adaptable and scalable.


Application Integration Services

LSI offers a number of Application Integration Services. Some of these are:

  • Application Integration Strategy and Consulting
  • Integration of CRM applications
  • Integration of finance and accounting applications
  • Solution Scope documentation
  • Integration of ERP applications
  • Risk Assessment
  • Integration of web applications
  • Application Integration Product evaluation and recommendation
  • Integration of desktop applications
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Application Integration Design and Architecture
  • Workflow Management
  • Process Modelling
  • Post Project implementation support services

The LSI advantage

In LSI you have a resourceful partner, consultant, that takes care of your application integration requirements. LSI provides a framework of integration that brings together various systems or software modules that may otherwise not be able to interact with each other (programmatically speaking).We have the required know-how and the global awareness to understand what solution would serve you best and how to make your application a bigger, better value prop when it goes to the market.