The telecommunication industry has boomed at an incredible pace for the last decade, dramatically changing the way people communicate. Telecommunication industry represents one of the most competitive and dynamic business markets in the world today. This puts the communications service providers at the focal point of economic revolution, and opens perspectives for colossal business possibilities through wireless telecommunications and Internet services. LSI is a global service provider uniquely qualified to build, integrate and support business applications. We create solutions that effectively meet the business requirements and innovations of the communications industry.

LSI possess domain expertise in all segments of the telecom IT supply chain - from OEMs and ISVs to systems integration and operators' IT departments. We are also experienced in developing systems and applications for wired communications, such as network testing and managing (QoS), and BSS/OSS.

LSI also assists in developing network performance analysis systems and telephony network testing systems to enterprise mobile content portals; software for PBXs, phones and mobile communication devices; call centers and telecommunication systems integration.

Integrated Solutions
  • Telephony network test systems
  • System performance analysis
  • Online network status monitoring
  • Sophisticated system of results and statistics representation
Software components of integrated communication platform
  • Operator's Smart Terminal
  • PBX Configurator
  • Online status monitoring, statistics
  • Development/integration of CRM and ERP modules
Call Centers
  • System development (including ACD with flexible routing procedures, IVR, online status monitoring, statistics, reporting, voice recording, various operator roles and rights, outgoing access)
  • System integration with existing communication platforms (PBX, Telephony Cards, Soft Switch).
  • System integration with related SW systems (CRM, ERP, Telemarketing, Polling, etc.)
  • Telecommunication Network Monitoring
  • Network Performance Analysis Systems