LSI understand retailer�s needs from a business perspective and help them in overcoming their current challenges and achieve high growth targets through cutting edge and innovative e-business, store operations and supply chain management/ execution solutions.

In today�s economy, access to technology and information is empowering consumers to make decisions with much greater knowledge and awareness of their options. Retailers must acquire deep insights into key aspects of successfully moving merchandise; from sustainable sourcing and compliance to merchandise safety, quality, social and environmental impacts and cost drivers.

Our retail practice covers all facets and segments of Selling, Buying and Customer support functions. We provide end-to-end solutions right from conception to consulting, to software construction to integration with external systems.

Some of the highlights of our service:

  • Coverage of the entire life cycle for software development, integration and application management
  • Unique Customer Experience
  • Mobile point of sales systems
  • Improve business intelligence effectiveness
  • Upgrade supply chain systems
  • Implementing new POS which adhere to global standards and provide flexibility to support new merchandising initiatives

Our services help retail businesses manage and streamline their internal processes by enhancing the customer interface.