Media & Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment industries are currently shifting from traditional to digital media, and it is severely altering every facet of the business. Digital distribution has significantly increased the volume of transactions that must be processed. Emergence of multiple delivery channels and revenue models, traditional media and entertainment companies are looking at new approaches to target a larger audience and derive more value. Technology plays a key role as these companies try to monetize the content and tackle issues like rights management, archiving and content management. In addition, companies must be prepared to respond to challenges such as:

  • Convergence, not only of companies but of technologies as well
  • Integration of new and legacy systems
  • Continually improving user experiences
  • Back office functions that will evolve with the industry's technologies

Media ecosystem

Continual changes in royalty streams, renegotiation of contracts, the advent of Internet and mobile distribution and consolidation within the music and film industries have created a seismic shift of resources from core, income-producing creative functions to back-office accounting functions. We create back-office transaction-processing systems for all types of modern media companies.

Media conglomerates need technological solutions to cross-leverage their assets, enable innovative business processes and enhance the transparency of revenue streams.

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