LSI Outsourcing was created in 2002 by five founding partners � each committed to the success of our clients.

Liev Sheremetiev - President and Chief Executive Officer
Liev Sheremetiev aka LSI is a co-founder of LSI Outsourcing. He is a twenty plus year veteran of implementing technology solutions - both internally in three of the world�s largest and most profitable organizations - and also as an outsourcer for companies in the top sectors and industries in the world. LSI was an architect and implementer of one of the world�s greatest turnaround stories when he helped BofA, Bank of Amcerica, the world�s thirteenth largest company, turn a billion dollar annual loss into a billion dollar a year profit in just three years. LSI was born in Europe and has lived and worked in Brazil, Mexico, England, Germany, France, Japan, India, Malaysia, Canada and the US. He has managed over 52 products and advanced technology developments and introductions and has helped improve or turn around divisions of and/or companies like General Electric, Compaq, Citibank, Bank of America, Wipro, and Cadence Design Systems. These experiences enabled LSI to envision and create LSI. He detected a fundamental need today to marry and integrate the efficiencies and brilliance of internal domain and industry knowledge and talent with the agility, competence and high technology expertise of external talent from the best people in the world. Today 99% of companies try a solution either internally, or externally, when the best solution is in fact a combination of the two. This is where LSI with its �Best of Breed� solutions and methodologies is the differentiator. Every company in the world is trying to sell its talent and/or products; but very few listen to the customer, understand their priorities and make the client�s priorities their own. It is here that LSI excels: our client priorities become our priorities. We are not trying to sell something, we are listening and solving. We know that our sole existence is predicated in listening to the customer, understanding their need/request and implementing the solution requested fast, cheap and well, utilizing the best of breed from the client�s and external people.

Rayudu Dhananjaya - President & CEO India Operations
Rayudu brings in over 16 years of rich global experience spanning across several geographies. He has held numerous executive management and line positions with companies that have experienced substantial growth or recovery - during innovation and/or evolution stages. With a proven track record of building long term strategic ODC relationships with Fortune companies, Rayudu is the driving force of LSI strategic direction and market focus.

Rayudu is our Bengaluru tiger, Rayudu has the unique ability to listen to a customer's problems and technology challenges, understand them, and formulate solutions that employ practical business and technical principles. As our resident Chief Engineer Ray oversees and manages all projects, engineers, and client requirements to meet the Client's pain, whether revenue, cost or both.

Carter Smith - Chief Information Officer
Carter Smith is the Chief Information Officer and a co-foundering partner of LSI Outsourcing. Throughout his 30 year career Carter has shown a unique ability to understand the crux of a business process, to utilize the best of technology and management techniques to improve that process, to quantify the project�s costs and benefits, to obtain funding by preparing a clear business proposal, and to minimize risk by putting together successful implementation teams. As head of IT research and planning for a major bank, Carter was responsible for managing a project portfolio of over $100m. Following a successful on-budget $25m Y2K effort, he championed the bank�s move into the web era with major new API, B2B, B2C, and international trade systems. Earlier he was a national and international consultant in Information Technology and bank operations - developing work and profitability models that saved client�s millions and doubled Citibank's Credit Card profits. Carter began his career in aerospace where his computer models led to Boeing�s expansion in the commercial market place and the termination of a strike by 50,000 machinists. His education includes a B.S. in Physics from MIT where he worked with Claude Shannon (considered the father of modern digital communications and information theory), an M.S. in Statistical Mathematics and a Ph.C. in Computer Science from the University of Washington where he did pioneering research in Artificial Intelligence.

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