Mission of LSI Outsourcing and Insourcing

The mission of LSI Outsourcing is to listen to the �C level� decision makers and solve immediate revenue and/or cost problems that will generate multi-million dollar impacts to the bottom line within less than 365 days. Our secondary mission is to provide our clients with the benefits of onsite, offshore insourcing and outsourcing with 35% lesser cost, within 2/3 of the time to market, and quality that you expect and demand, than the big outsourcing firms. We understand immediacy and balance between results and SEI level and Six Sigma standards. We do it while retaining your BEST people in house. (Insourcing)

LSI provides Customer Satisfaction with Reduced Risk.
We reduce risk because we have six founders each with extensive business, technology, and management experience. One of us always assumes personal responsibility for the oversight of a customer's project from initial conception and requirements definition to managing the project to a successful implementation. We have learned though hard won experience that customer satisfaction is the key to business success. We also reduce risk because we have extensive experience with overseas outsourcers and can choose the best one for our customer. We currently have eleven different partners under contract in eleven countries: India, China, Russia, Turkey, Scotland, Japan, South Africa, Mexico, Brasil, the U.S and Canada. Together, we have 2800 engineers and associates who cover virtually all IT technologies and all industry segments. Six of us with over 249 years of experience selected these companies and engineers based on their ability to perform and we are constantly re-evaluating the potential and their performance. It is not what we did yesterday, it�s what we do today. This insures competition among our outsource suppliers so we can always insure high quality responsive service at a reasonable cost to our customers.

LSI provides Greater Benefits.
The primary driver of overseas outsourcing is labor costs and time (their night is our day and vice versa). India, the primary offshore outsourcer has over 500,000 trained IT professionals (and 70,000+ more graduate each year). Their cost (for a comparative experience level) is about 20% of the US cost. (Canada's costs are approximately 65% of U.S. costs due to the exchange rate and access to Canadian R&D tax credits.) Quality standards are often higher than in the US, and Indian companies do leading edge design for Nokia, GE and other companies, as well as providing lower cost maintenance or call centers. All technical schooling is done in English. Even after taking into account the costs of oversight, travel, and infrastructure, the typical net savings (with, say, 15% of the staff onsite) is 35-50%. The drivers that can increase cost include cultural differences, travel, and higher requirements for documentation, process and change control, governance, legal requirements and metrics. LSI and our partner companies are experienced in controlling all these potential added costs. The benefits of this cost effective outsourcing are the ability for a customer to reduce overhead expenses of ongoing projects and to do new projects that provide a competitive advantage. Part of the LSI difference is that we identify the proper resource for your company to consider so that you don�t have to search through the myriad of companies with certain limitations.

LSI Technical Capabilities.
LSI can handle virtually any technical challenge. We live in a mobile world where companies today place rockets and satellites in orbit more efficiently than governments. Examples of projects include: Circuit board, embedded system, mobile platform, communication protocols, wireless applications and network design for all OSI layers. ASIC design and verification for wireless, Datacom, telecom and Storage Area Network applications. Big data design and execution. Web development, mobile platforms and API interface programming. ERP and legacy conversions and maintenance. Setting up a new technical support or offshore development center including network, infrastructure and staffing. We are willing to take on any size project, but many customers prefer to start with a small pilot. We have worked in nearly all industries including entertainment, finance, manufacturing, sales, consumer goods, technology, telecommunications, services, health and energy.

The Key LSI Differentiator.
Our key differentiators are giving credit to your top talent, thinking outside the box, inspiring solutions, motivating your current staff who may be set on �experience�, huge cost savings, exceptional quality, while retaining your best people and the commitment and flexibility of our experienced founders. One of my bosses once said: �we have too many ideas, not enough solutions�. We will do whatever it takes to meet our customer's needs. For instance, when a client, Spirent in UK/USA, needed a specialized circuit board redesign done FAST; we brought in an experienced Canadian company that found a feasible solution in less than a month. When NBC needed quick turnaround on programming, we delivered within 90 days. When General Electric needed legacy transformation, we brought the right software engineers and won the job the following three years. When Bank of America was losing a billion dollars, we helped it turnaround, both on the revenue and cost side. And the price was great!